• Strategic Wellness Coaching
    for Leaders and Executives

    Learn how to live in your BestStressZone™ with Coach Carol, a dedicated clinician and

    wellness coach with proven experience helping professionals achieve their wellness goals.

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    Dr. Scott's coaching helps clients recognize what’s working in their life and helps them detect the early signs of ‘living on the edge’. She listens and aligns with clients, helping them harness the power and passion that are an inherent part of them, showing how to apply it towards wellness.

    Clients learn to reflect and define what wellness means to them and uncover the real, human value in creating a wellness vision. By using the science of neuroplasticity, Dr. Scott helps clients develop new behaviors and mindsets through practice, which helps create the conditions that make changes stick.


    Burnout is a growing problem in many workplaces around the world, according to recent data by the World Health Organization. Fortunately, the Doctor is in.


    Wellness is the capacity to enjoy life
    and the company of those you love.


    Her coaching programs are designed to enable sustained change through a biological transformation of a client's mindset and behavior. With a deep understanding of the physiology and science behind these processes, Dr. Scott translates these into coaching skills she uses with all her clients.


    For each of her clients, Dr. Scott designs a relationship that helps foster brain learning, change and growth. At a core level, people must be willing to change before any type of change can take place on the outside. By helping clients build a stronger internal locus of control and confidence in their abilities, Dr. Scott helps propel clients forward, starting them on a journey towards their wellness goals. Through creative brainstorming with clients, she creates a customized program that fits individuals from all backgrounds. When needed, Dr. Scott works with other providers to create a wellness program for clients' unique needs.

    Working with Dr. Scott, You'll Discover:

    • Why a ‘clean bill of health’ with your primary care physician may lead to health problems in the future.
    • How probabilistic risk assessment tools can keep you healthier.
    • What you can do to take a leadership role in managing your health and wellness.
    • Which questions to ask at your next doctor’s visit.
    • Who to include on your health leadership team.  

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    Dr. Scott engages and guides participants in developing, managing, achieving and sustaining their goals by understanding the competencies that transform wellness intentions into effective strategies – practices that can be integrated and sustained in a real world defined by challenges such as complexity, high expectations, competing priorities and unending demands.

    Carol will assist you in finding personalized answers to all your wellness questions. By engaging hearts and mind in a nonjudgmental process, Dr. Scott helps attendees develop a customized path to navigate past common pitfalls that can impact health. That said, Carol is merely a catalyst that helps you reach your goals. Client-originated visions and plans are the ones th

    Dr. Scott provides leadership team workshops
    for women on various topics, including:

    Learn how to create a Personal Health Vision and Mission Statement to guide your wellness choices.
    Discover how to become an advocate for your wellness, and learn which resources you need to make optimal use of the healthcare system.

    Understand how mood disorders can impact wellness based on age, gender and other factors.


    How to thrive through menopause

    Find out how to manage intimate health issues, such as sex after a heart attack.


    Learn what critical factors you must look for when choosing an physician.


    Discover how to get the best second opinion based on the latest medical understanding paragraph text here.


    What do you have in your wallet? Find out the key things you must carry with you at all times

    Build a more resilient future by learning how to prevent and respond to health crises.

    Find out how the latest treatments can manage and even reverse addiction-related disorders
    Understand the spectrum of care needed at the end of life, and help build a care strategy for yourself and aging loved ones