• Discover Your BestStressZone™!

    Let Coach Doctor Scott help you discover your personal BestStressZone™

    Your BestStressZone is a dynamic place for optimal spiritual, physical, emotional and mental well being. In your BestStressZone, you can achieve the highest levels of energy, satisfaction, happiness and productivity at work or at home. Through living in the zone, you can learn how to experience Optimal Stress.


    Stress is inevitable.
    How you experience stress is a choice!


    Stress doesn’t just happen. Stress is a process! Dr. Scott’s coaching is science based. She helps clients and organizations uncover relevance and motivation for change. Like the brain, your BestStressZone is dynamic, constantly reorganizing based on experiences.

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    Studies show that ‘living on the edge’ can impact
    high achievers even more than others.

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    In your BestStressZone, you learn to solve problems creatively. You learn to recognizing attitudes, feelings, and behaviors that undermine your performance, vitality, and health. In your personal BestStressZone, you have the courage to take decisive actions guided by what's really important to you. You accept things that can’t be changed, and you have attitudes and skills that strengthen your resilience and personal effectiveness in spite of adversity.


    In the BestStressZone, you know how to give and receive from others. Demands and challenges are opportunities to learn, renew, and to bolster a portfolio of resources, In the BestStressZone, you know the optimal dose of stress needed for maximum happiness, inspiration, motivation and successful aging.

    The science behind the BestStressZone:

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    Want to actively live in your BestStressZone?

    The journey begins with MindPause.

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