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    Keynote Speaking Services for Leadership Retreats,
    Professional Womens’ Retreats, and Corporate Events


    Thank you for your interest in having me make a ‘house call’ to support your organization. My presentations provide information and solutions for sustained personal wellness with a focus on the inevitable stress that is experienced by those in your organization.


    Organizations are in constant pursuit of effective ways to provide support for women. How to improve performance, retain top talent and reduce cost. One way that is often overlooked is focusing on health, wellness and and stress.


    The medical evidence is in, stress destroys health, leadership capacity, and collectively, the organization. In 2019 the World Health Organization (WHO), for the first time categorized ‘burnout’ as a medical condition with an official International Classification of Diseases (ICD) designation. Burnout is defined as ‘ a syndrome conceptualized as resulting from chronic workplace stress that has not been successfully managed.


    Although each of us as women is unique, science demonstrates that, in general the stress process in women differs from the stress process in our male counterparts. While there isn’t any silver bullet to eliminate stress from your life, you can’t afford the cost of letting stress sabotage your energy, health, joy, performance or business results.


    Every organization is unique. The first step in program planning is listening to your overall concerns, needs and desired results. Your program is designed with input from leaders, stakeholders, and if desired, sampling of knowledge, attitudes and behaviors of your participants via anonymous surveys. Content can be provided in advance for approval / regulatory purposes. To schedule a booking or find out more information, please email Dr. Scott at drscott@scotthealthadvisory.com or call 410-336-7894.

    The Three Most Commonly Requested Presentations

    #1 Discover your Personal BestStressZone™:
    Stress Relief for High Performing Women Leaders

    #2 Ten Skills for your Best Health through Personal Advocacy

    #3 High Reliability Wellness: The S-C-O-T-T Protocol




    Dr. Scott in Action

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  • Available Speaking Programs

    Select one of the programs below for your event, or contact Dr. Carol to create
    a special presentation designed specifically for your groups.

    (Program length can be adjusted based on client needs.)

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    Anchored Healthcare Advocacy

    Learn how to Advocate for Yourself and Family in Today's Complex Healthcare System

    Key talking points:

    • Know your role: You are CEO of your health, Your doctor is merely your COO
    • Know how to prepare for office visits
    • Navigating Brain Disease: Addictions, Dementia, Depression
    • Selecting and DeSelecting your COO
    • Know your diagnosis; goals of care, options, risks and benefits  
    • Expect the unexpected. Medical emergencies are an inevitable part of life.
    • Understand the importance of having a digital copy of your medical records available 24/7
    • Know how to designate a health proxy to act on their behalf 
    • Understand local and state EMS rules in your community
    • How to accelerate care when a 'time sensitive' new diagnosis is received
    • Learn how to hire a professional health advocate when needed
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    Discover Your BestStressZone™

    stress relief for high achieving women

    Key talking points:

    • Redefine stress as a process
    • Learn the top 5 stress traps for high performing women
    • Understand the paradox of planning, certainty and stress
    • Are Entrepreneurs ‘touched with fire’
    • Caring and Over-caring
    • The Multitasking Myth
    • Balance and Boundaries
    • The Value of Authentic Relationships
    • Hormones and performance across the life cycle
    • Energy Demands and Maintenance
    • Recognize the harm of ”living on the Edge”
    • Learn Mindpause™ as daily integrated strategy for health and wellness

    The SCOTT Protocol

    high reliability wellness:
    The S-C-O-T-T Protocol

    (Click here to find out more)

    Key talking points:

    • Learn what Nuclear plants, Aviation industry and the Human Body have in common.
    • Understand how complex organizations thrive as High Reliability Organizations (HRO’s) 
    • Apply principals of high reliability to your body, personal health and wellness
    • Failure IS an option. Create a personal plan to maintain ’situational awareness'.
    • Become a ‘Sensitive’ person. Respond to a sense that your well being is challenged.
    • Seek Experts and become an expert. Understand your diagnosis and risks.
    • Cultivate Resilience. Acknowledge, and act on health threats-then bounce back.
    • Learn how to maintain ‘situational awareness’ about your body and mind
    • Understand why ‘knowing your numbers’ is not enough to prevent disease
    • Achieve a benchmark standard of ‘zero preventable harmful health events'
  • Dr. Scott's speaking clients include:

    • Oracle
    • Kimberly Clark
    • Morgan Stanley
    • Barron's
    • Commonwealth Club (San Francisco)
    • Yale University
    • UC Berkeley
    • Microsoft
    • McDonald's
    • UPS
    • Civil Service Employees Union NY (CSEA)
    • IBM
    • Merrill Lynch
    • Discovery Communications
    • Johnson & Johnson.
    • Working Mother 100 Best Companies Work Life Congress
    • Professional Business Women of California
    • Pennsylvania Governors Conference for Women
    • California Governors Conference for Women
    • Texas Governors Conference.


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    To schedule a booking or find out more information, please email

    Dr. Scott at drscott@scotthealthadvisory.com or call 410-336-7894.

  • Testimonials


    "Thank you for making our event a smashing success! I can't believe you had their attention from the beginning to the end."


    Valley Hunt Club, Pasadena, CA (2019)


    "It was such a pleasure to work with you and your

    presentation was absolutely fabulous!"


    Top Women Advisors Winner's Circle (Barrons Magazine)


    The OWL 2011 Global Leadership Summit was well received, energizing and connecting over 250 of our senior women leaders, due to in no small part to the support and participation by you! Thank you for joining us and sharing with all of us your knowledge, perspective and thoughts regarding stress! Your message resonated for all and your natural transparency and commitment to health through personal attention, caring and leadership was truly inspiring. We look forward to your roll-up of our stats through your survey and a continued relationship with you. Thank you again.


    - L.E. | Oracle Women’s Leadership (OWL), Top Womens Advisors Winners Circle Meeting (Barrons Magazine)


    Here’s what I can say from the heart: Dr. Scott will bring and warm, inviting and informative tone to your conference. Her “bedside manner” is thought-provoking and enlightening. Attendees will walk away energized for change and equipped with the tools to do so. Stress is, and will always be a part of our lives, but Dr. Scott will offer your audience life changing instructions that are meaningful, effective and easy to implement.


    - E.W. Consulting Group Morgan Stanley Smith Barney Purchase, NY


    Thank you for an excellent session at the NEW conference. I am doing two power pauses during the work day and actually feel a difference…!!! More energy and more focus. I also went home and talked to my partner and that went well, too…. Of course, she had many suggestions on how I can be a better partner…I hope our paths cross again down the road.


    - California Governors Conference For Women


    “Carol presented a wealth of information in a captivating, high-energy, interactive format that really stimulated thinking (and action!) on the important topic of managing stress. I walked away with more than a few tips and tricks, in addition to facts that will stick with me well into the future.”


    - Jennifer Kohler, Senior Associate, Advisory Services, Catalyst


    “Although it was quite a lot of material to present in an hour, I think Carol did a wonderful job sustaining a high level of energy (which, in turn, elevated the level of energy in the room). The piece that was most valuable to me was our organization having a common language to speak about the types of stress and solutions. I also found it valuable to discuss solutions to stressors with co-workers. ”


    Rachel Soares, Senior Associate, Research, Catalyst


    “Today’s session was valuable because while I already knew most of the information and techniques presented (and have taught this information to others while in graduate school for clinical psychology!), I don’t always remember to stop and apply the techniques in my own life. I also enjoyed the presenter’s energy – Carol is obviously a busy woman, and seeing her find the time to come to Catalyst and present with such vigor was inspiring.”


    Liz Mulligan-Ferry, Associate, Research, Catalyst


    “Carol’s presentation was a great reminder on how we can and should control the daily effects of stress. Power pauses for all!”


    Amber Schmidt, Associate, Western Region, Catalyst


    “Very useful. Lots of great info packed into a short time. I would like to share this with my friends, sisters, and adult daughters!”


    Mary Boughton, Senior Director, Western Region, Catalyst


    The stress management coaching during the retreat for my management team exceeded expectations. After the weekend i talked privately to each division chief and they indicated that it was valuable for their role in the organization and their personal life. Your presentation was very specific and included great prevention and stress reduction techniques.

    - Hospitality Industry Client


    Thank you once again for your important contribution to the symposium. The time you spent preparing coupled with your hard work and dedication made this an exceptional training experience for our people. based on an overall response rate of 66% of on the post program evaluations the average rating for your session was 4.93 out of 5.0.

    - Finance Industry Client


    I found the concept of managing stress and understanding that stress can provide an advantage a helpful tool. The event created an awareness for me to think about and understand my stress levels, and how to take action when needed to prevent it from reaching an overwhelming level.

    - 2010 Workshop Participant


    The message of not letting the uncontrollable stressors impact me the way I have in the past was significant – this will help me handle these going forward in a more productive manner.


    - DG, Meeting Planner


    “I just wanted to let you know that we had the privilege to have Dr. Carol Scott at my organization this past week. Dr. Scott provided an informative brief titled “Team Work in Service of a Critical Mission” to over 750 employees followed by four individual sessions on “5 Simple Steps to Stress Management” and “Resilience: The Critical Ingredient for Health & Success in 2010.” As you know, she is a dynamic leader and speaker with an engaging personality. She provided a great perspective to my employees, and I was grateful for the opportunity to engage with her.”


    - PW, Department Head, NAVSEA


    “…thank you so much for your help. Your conversations have made all the difference for me…my husband tells me he can see a difference”


    -DKY – Executive Director of National Association


    “Dr. Scott's workshop equips participants with the tools to identify stressor in our lives and how to combat the effects by not reacting in a negative manner which would increase stress. Her workshop is excellent and I would highly recommend your attending or at least reading her new book. We all have stress in our lives that’s a given but her approach gives us the tools needed to reduce the stress we all encounter.”


    - Sheree Johnson
    Civil Rights Director, U.S.Forest Service


    “Dr. Scott is such a dynamic and creative person. She has the ability to present information in such a spontaneous and engaging manner. I highly recommend Dr. Scott to speak to your group. She is very inspirational in her presentations and can motivate all participants. She captivates her audience. She will make you meeting a success


    - Association of American Medical Colleges


    “Dr. Carol Scott is an outstanding speaker and coach for women professionals and executives alike. I met Carol Scott at the Women in Leadership Summit and attended three of her wellness sessions. She grounds her presentations in the latest scientifically and medically based performance research. Carol provides breadth and depth of useable content that provide value added to participants long after the workshop is over. Folks leave with specific action items that they can actually implement. Carol gains credibility with her audience in two ways. First, her character and strong commitment to helping others is demonstrated from the moment that she enters the room and greets participants.


    Secondly, her competency both from a medical perspective and her experiences in coaching women executives shines through her presentations. In a conversational manner, she delivers technical content in an engaging way that facilitates understanding and dialogue among bright, but non medical experts. Additionally, it’s obvious that Dr. Carol Scott deeply understands the ongoing struggles of finding one’s “best stress”. Because she lives what she teaches and grapples with conflicting priorities, she conveys a genuineness that many executive women professionals desire from a coach or speaker.


    For organizations who continue to look for ways to incorporate diversity into their cultures, it’s evident that Dr. Scott excelled during times that were far more challenging than those we face today. As a result, she relates to a wide range of audience members, diverse and non-diverse alike. Because I’ve seen many speakers over the years, I’m a tough critic and judge of seminar speakers. For me to take time from my endless tasks to write a testimonial letter, speaks volumes. Dr. Carol Scott provides knowledge, inspiration to audiences. By engaging and providing me with useable information that will help me find and maintain my “best stress” on and off the job, she exceeded my expectations


    - Director, Learning & Organization Development
    Duke University and Duke Health


    “…your keynote set the tone for our entire year…I can’t thank you enough


    - The Woodbourne Group


    “…your keynote was right on target…it was excellent…everyone appreciated your content and style…thank-you so much


    - The Washington Business Group on Health


    “…your presentation was wonderful. Your enthusiasm and ability to articulate so many issues in your presentation…connecting health, wellness and education. We need your programs now


    - Maryland State Teachers Association


    “On behalf of Johnson & Johnson’s Women’s Leadership Initiative Conference Steering Committee, I would like to extend our sincere appreciation for the outstanding workshop you presented…you provided us with educational tips and tools to effectively manage the stressors in our lives. Hats off to you!


    - Johnson & Johnson


    “…thank you for a superb presentation…our members were thrilled…a perfect end to our conference


    - New York Civil Service Employee Association (NSEA)


    “… Your workshops at our staff development meetings throughout the year were excellent…the messages you gave to us were so important…I know that you had to have saved someone’s life in my school this year


    - Principal, Baltimore City High School


    “…our strategy is…to create an environment that considers the health of all employees, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually (values-based), to optimize work performance and productivity…your powerful self care and empowerment messages that can reach all our employees has added a much needed dimension.…thank you.


    - Texas Instruments


    “Thank you Dr. Scott! It was great to have you as a presenter for the California Governor Conference for Wome. You were a perfect fit. I think each of the two thousand or so women in the room were totally engaged by your facts and stories. They will be better and smarter health care consumers because of your talk. I really liked how you were effective in getting the audience on their feet and talking with each other—then right back to listening to your core message. You were in command on the podium—a real natural.


    - California Governors Conference for Women


    “Dr. Scott has developed a groundbreaking program. She has been bringing her wisdom to us for several years…this audioCD lets everyone in on her life saving secrets


    - L.C. Total Benefits Manager, Texas Instruments


    The stress management coaching for my management team exceeded expectations. After the weekend I talked privately to each division chief and they indicated that the coaching was valuable and instructive. Several of us are not watching the evening news as often as we were in the past. I think the timing of your session was perfect because all of my managers were dealing with stress in the work place or personally at home. In addition this was the first time many of us learned the specific relationship between stress and certain illnesses.


    Usually stress classes in the work place focus on the causes of stress with a brief mention that other health problems can occur. Your presentation was very specific and included prevention mechanisms and stress reduction techniques. I will not hesitate to recommend your stress management coaching to my co-workers and professional friends in other businesses. Again thank you for your assistance and a well orchestrated presentation.


    - Director of Support Services, Atlanta Regional Commission


    “Thank you once again for your important contribution to the November 2007 Symposium. We are pleased to share with you that the program received an overall satisfaction rating of 98%. The time dedicated to the advanced training preparation, coupled with your hard work and dedication made this an exceptional training experience for our people. Based on an overall response rate of 66% on the post program evaluations, the average rating for your session was 4.8 out of 5.0. Thank you for delivering an exceptional workshop. Many thanks for your time and attention to this program – we look forward to a continued partnership in 2008!”


    - Office of Training and Development, Merrill Lynch


    “Thank you for the time you spent giving us information on how to reduce stress. I also have high blood pressure and would like to seek other remedies in order to alleviate the need to take medication. The few minutes that we closed our eyes and just relaxed helped me feel rejuvenate for the rest of the afternoon. Until today, I didn’t realize how important it was just to take time out for myself and regroup. We are all so busy in our everyday lives and I admit I am guilty of skipping a break or taking lunch at my desk at work. But those days are over, I will incorporate these times to relax for myself since it will be beneficial to me and my well being. Again, thanks for your visit, hope to see you soon and God Bless.


    - UPS, Atlanta, GA


    “Thank you so much for caring and coming to our “Lunch N Learn” your passion was evident… my only regret that the whole of UPS could not be present for this session. The short time you were here made a BIG difference.It would be great if we had systematic training that involved everyone. I believe it would enhance the UPS environment for several reasons… it teaches how to first identify that you are stressed; the adverse physical effects of stress and that an individual can devise a strategy to reduce stress. I didn’t realize how stressed I was when I arrived… but was totally rejuvenated, gung-ho and ready to try it again when I got back to my desk. Thanks again for sharing; it was a life altering experience.!”


    - UPS Capital Trade Protection Services